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The Products:Servo Bender/CNC Notching Press Machine/HSP Generator with Self-Piercing Riveter

Servo Drive Panel Bender (Servo Bender)
CNC  Notching Press Machine
HSP Generator with Self-Piercing Riveter





HSP Generator

Self-Piercing Riveter


‚W‚O‚‹‚m Notching Press station

Sample view of production site through our engineering
E User-friendly Operation
E High-Speed Bending
E High Accuracy
E High Quality
E Stable Production
  Panel Bender drived by Servo Motor.
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Notching press of Stator/Rotor core laminations for
Generator or Motor

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EGenerator in hydraulic source.
ERiveting for chassis of truck/bus

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Custom products
Various Stand-Alones or Automatic Lines
We will make design and manuacture it according to your custom specification.
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