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Custom made products

We introduce custom made lines;

Automatic Panel Bending Line(Automatic Saving-energy Line)
Designed and manufactured according to customer own shapes.
Automatic Steel Panel Bending Line

Application: Office partitions for office buildings.
Automatic Bending the four sides of various steel  panels in CNC sequences.
Main specification:
Note: Cosult us for another applications such as steel furnitures,doors,
refrigerator,kitchen utensils or bath panels.
Thickness: 0.4 ` 0.8mm
Materials: SPCC or PCM
Bending size: min.300 x 200 ` max.3000 x 1500mm
Flanges: 4@` 40mm
Angle: 90‹
R Bending: thickness x 2.2R at 0.5mm
Energy source : full servo motors
Automatic Steel Panel Bending Line
Application: panels for Bath
Bending the two sides of various steel panels according to your own shapes.
Main specification:
Application: for steel outer panels of bath.
Thickness: 0.6mm
Materials: PCM
Bending size: 1200mm
Angle: 90‹
R Bending: thickness x 2
Energy source : full servo motors
Note: Cosult us for another applications such as steel furnitures,doors,refrigerator,kitchen utensils or bath panels.

Stand-Alone products;
We introduce custom stand-alone products;
Transfer Press
Hydraulic Transfer Press in 3 separate stations with automatic panel  transfer function.
Main specification:
Application: Outer frame for refrigerators
Q'ty of station: 3
Press capa. 500kN~3
Energy source Hydraulic
Length of stroke: 300mm
Bolster area: 700mm~300mm~3
Length of each
Transfer: by vacuum pads
Hydraulic Roll Foaming Press
Hydraulic Roll Foaming Press. It's roll-foamed in few processing stages.
Main specification:
Application: Outer frame for air condtioners
Press capa. 700kN
Energy source Hydraulic
Length of stroke: 150mm
Open Height: 650mm
Bolster area: 770mm~800mm
Roll Drive force:
Max. drive: 150kN
Max. stroke: 300mm
W Crank Wide Head

Transfer Press
It is divided into few production process and guraduately squeezed materials with
automatic transferring function.
Main specification:
Application:Outer frame of lipstick cases
Press capa. 500kN
Energy source Inverter
Length of stroke: 150mm
SPM of stroke: Max.60spm
Shut height: 290mm
Ram adjustment: 60mm
Bolster area: 1400mm~500mm
Shell Punching &

Automatic Surface planer
Automatic Punching Machine with HSP Generator punching or planning of the surface in
four processes while shell type materials is positioned automatically.

Main specification:

Application: shells for air compressors

Q'ty of station: 5
Punching press capa.: 150kN~1@@75kN~4
Energy source Hydraulic
Station distance : 600mm
Transfer : by clump chucking.
Cycle time: 7sec
Notching or Punching Press

Custom Notching or Punching press for long materials by transferring one side of work
Main specification:
Application: for processing of steel doors.
Notching capa.: 200kN
Notching position:   3mm
Energy source: Hydraulic
Length of stroke: 50mm
SPM of station: 40spm
Carriage distance: 500mm
4 Wings Panel Bender
This is 4 wings bender for outer panels of homelectronics products.
Four corners are bended by this bender.
Main specification:
Application: for processing such as refrigirators,washing machines or airconditioners.
Bending width: 755‚‚
Edge bending: 636mm from closing bend
Closing bend: 610‚‚
Thickness: 0.8‚”
Materials: ‚o‚b‚l
Bending R: 15R for edge bending.  
60R for closed bending.
Hybrid Panel Bender

This is hybrid panel bender.
Mixed source by hydraulic and servo motors.
Main specification:
Applicatiopn: Steel door panels
Thickness: 0.6 ` 0.8mm
Materials: PCM/ SPCC
Bending length: Max.2100mm
Flange: 5`40mm
Angle: 90‹
Bending R: thickness ~2
Tangent Bender
This is custom bender for corners.
Corners can be bended to R shapes.
Main specification:
Application: Air conditioners
Thickness: ‚OD‚Wmm
Materials: ‚o‚b‚l|ηε
Bending length: Max.‚P‚Q‚O‚Omm
Bending R: 25mm
Bending method: Upbending tangent bender
Process time: 15sec
Energy source: Hydraulic
Other function: Material extractor
Automatic Hermetic

Terminals Ass'y Machine

This is automatic ass'y machine for assembling various small hermetic terminal parts.
Main specification:
Tact time: 18sec/pce
Total ass'y parts Q'ty: 12 parts/pce
Kinds of the parts: 5 kinds/pce
Feeder: parts feeder and conveyor
Material positioning: by servo motors and fiber sensors.
Material transfer: Stepping motors and air cylinders.
Others: automatic NG parts feeder on total 12 process.
Application: Ass'y of various small electronics parts.
We've been supplying various kinds of stand-alone machines or Automatic Lines except the above.
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